About Us

Welcome to MobileGameHackCheatsGenerator. 

Is our website name a mouthful? Yes.

But so is our content.

From Hacks to Cheats to Generators and beyond, we are here to provide YOU with the ideal game hacking experience. We specialize in hack tools that work – no downloads (in other words, you don’t have to be paranoid about viruses while you’re around us). We allow you to do the hacking, so we want to make sure you don’t feel like there’s a risk of us hacking you.

Our primary focus is going to be on mobile games, but every now and then we might find a working cheat/hack for a PC and/or Mac game. If that is the case, we won’t hesitate to release what we have publicly to allow anyone who is wonder how to hack that game to use it.

We are a group of friends who noticed a while back that many games had the same sort of exploits in them. If you looked these games up on YouTube and the like, you would see videos of people using these glitches and exploits to generate resources for the game. A lot of these videos looked exactly the same.

From there, we realized there might be a common thread in the exploits, and a few years later, here we are – launching our site with the intention of sharing our finds with and to the world.

How are able to do this? With the help from you guys. You support us, keep us going, and spread the word about us!

We’re working on a concrete referral system right now, but if you spread our site around the internet and send us proof of you doing so (just posting our links/cheats around the web or on YouTube) we’ll be happy to work on hacking a game of your choice!

We are a group of professionals. And we are a group of gamers. Those two things combined make us extremely prolific in how much we cheat games, and how much we can post those glitches/hacks for the world to use.

If you ever have issues, feel free to contact us.


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